As the world makes large strides ahead regarding innovation, here at ADC we choose not to be left behind and neither should you. We ably deliver in the provision of efficient and effective innovative ideas to make your agribusiness problems a thing of the past.


Simu+ is an interactive voice-based communication platform for anyone with a mobile phone. Designed to offer educational courses for rural populations, empowering them to become well-informed citizens capable of taking the right decisions.

Simu+ offers adult education for all (15 yrs+) using a mobile phone on an anytime anywhere basis. Simu+ disrupts and democratises adult education and changes the way (young) adults in sub Saharan Africa gain skills and educate themselves, including the illiterates and semi-literates. Courses are voice based and accessible by all mobile phones, including the most basic ones.

Elearning platform

SOMA was developed to support and facilitate online training’s for both individual farmers and members(farmers) that belong to Farmer Based Organizations(Cooperatives). The e-learning is designed on a self based learning methodology where members can access the system, register for accounts and choose any courses they may wish to learn and gain skills.

Emata - dairy farming

Emata is the future of farmer financing. Agriculture is the cornerstone of African economies, yet agriculture fails to live up to its potential due to a chronic lack of financing.

Emata will change this. We have started by building a credit history through digitizing milk delivery systems in Uganda.

Based on this credit history, Emata can provide credit to farmers at interest rates that are low enough to finally allow farmers to use the power of loans to invest in the productivity of their farms.

We make this possible by utilizing end-to-end digital processes, data-backed risk analytics, and a mobile-based distribution model.